“I Love You, Mama.”

I wrote about last week how the last two years have been the best years of my life. While I do my best to be the best father I can be, nothing can really compare to what my wife has done for our family. She’s been our rock over the past two years taking care of both me and Addie. I’m thankful for every single day that she said Yes to this nerdy, antisocial, and awkward guy.  Continue reading

For My Wife.

I’ve only been a parent for one year but I know this – raising a child will be the hardest and most rewarding thing I will ever do. I couldn’t have chosen a better partner to share this experience with than my wife. As much as I loved her before we had Addie, I love her even more that she’s now the mother of our child. Time and time again she has amazed me with how she took to becoming a mother. Continue reading