Affording Parenthood.


According to this article on CNN, that’s around how much it’s going to cost me to raise Addie until she’s 17. Of course this doesn’t include all the fun stuff like college and when my daughter inevitably comes home after that to mooch from me and my wife for a few years until she gets a real job ;). With another baby on the way in April, we’re looking to spend a cool half  million on diapers, formula, clothes, and extracurricular activities on these two little ones. Continue reading

Summer Days of the Future Past

I’ve been lagging a lot the past few months on the blog.

With the summer months (and my newish job) it’s been difficult dedicating time to write. I’ve been blogging for over a year and I’ve realized that I don’t necessarily like writing, but I LOVE having written. It’s time for me to get back to writing. Continue reading

Our New (Used) Car

Due to my crappy week I wrote about a few weeks ago, I had to replace my not so trusty Honda CRV.

Previously on Dad is Cheap…
In a previous post I mentioned what I would do when I purchased a new car:

“When the day comes that Handy needs to be replaced, I’ll most likely get a slightly used car from a site like Auto Trader or Craigslist and pay cash for it.”

One horrible incident slightly changed that perspective. Continue reading

I Buy Whatever I Want

I am a huge pro wrestling nerd. (Yes, I know it’s scripted but it’s still real to me dammit!). I am such a geek about it that I managed to incorporate it during my best man speech at my brother’s wedding. First, like a true wrestling heel (i.e. bad guy) I got the crowd to boo me by making fun of the local NBA team (Golden State Warriors), and then finished my speech by getting the crowd to stand up and chant “YES!” in unison like then WWE Champ Daniel Bryan. It. Was. Epic. Continue reading

Turning the Page

I recently had the awesome opportunity to write a guest post for one of my favorite personal finance sites Budgets are Sexy, in which I did a review of my favorite budgeting app YNAB. If you haven’t done so just yet, please check it out! If you’re a new reader as a result of the post, welcome! I hope you enjoy reading the random musings of this cheap dad… Continue reading

Why I Want My Daughter to Have Less Than I Had Growing Up

When most people talk about what they want to provide for their kids they talk about giving their children what they didn’t have growing up.

I want to do the opposite. I don’t want my daughter to have as much as I had growing up. Continue reading

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated

My nephew is graduating high school this year. I was about to write in his card some uncle advice on saving money and creating a budget, but the thoughts in my head became too long winded that I ended up writing a post about it. Besides, what 18 year old is going to remember what’s written in a greeting card anyways? If he’s anything like me when I was his age, he’d just open the card, look for the cash/check/gift card and be done with it. So this one’s for you Abel, the kid that dragged me to the movies and made me watch the classic movie Sharkboy and Lava Girl when he was young. Continue reading

Extreme Saving: My Daughter’s First Car

Here is something that I bet no other parent you know that has a one year old is doing for their child – I’m already saving for my daughter’s first car as well as her wedding. WHAT?! Who does that? This guy does that.  Continue reading

My Daughter, My Muse

I am not rich. I’m not broke, either. I’m somewhere comfortably in between. This isn’t a blog about being a millionaire. It’s simply the views about fatherhood, money, and everything in between from the eyes of a new parent.

Continue reading