It’s been pretty challenging to get myself to blog the past few months as I was a bit preoccupied, but a little someone has inspired me to write again…

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On April 7, 2017, my second child Logan was born. He was 7 lbs, 3 oz and 19 inches. Our world has been turned upside down.


Middle name MATHew
As a finance and numbers nerd, I wanted to have his middle name Mathew to include the word Math in it. Special shout out to my wife who not only let me name him after my second favorite Hugh Jackman character (Leopold FTW), but let me put a pretty nerdy spin on his middle name.

Photo Apr 28, 12 27 51 PM

I’m pretty sure this means my son will probably be an Art History major when he grows up. 😉

Happy Wife, Happy Life. 
After watching my wife give birth to our two kids (one vaginal and one C-section), I have come to a realization:

My wife is always right. 

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No matter what I do for the rest of my life, it will never compare to being the mother of Logan and Addie. Between the two pregnancies, giving birth to them, AND being my automatic designated driver, I will forever be in her debt.  I could never be prouder to be her husband than watching her endure the pain that is childbirth.

This is the guy who acts like a baby anytime he gets a slight headache.

Paternity Leave. 
When Addie was born I had just accepted an offer for a new job. So I ended up only taking a week off, which was one of the bigger regrets in my life. Since I wasn’t great with money in the past I didn’t feel like I could afford to take off too much unpaid time off.

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With Logan, I was determined not to make that same mistake.  In the past few months we’ve been pretty good at saving our extra money so that we now have a pretty decent cushion to cover our family until both my wife and I get back to work full time.

In addition to our savings, I’ve worked long enough at my current job to qualify for FMLA, which gives me up to about 55% of my paycheck up to six weeks. The best part is that I don’t have to use it right away. I plan to use three weeks now, two weeks when my wife goes back to work, and one week around the holidays.

The few weeks I’ve been off have been amazing (and exhausting) so far. Addie still goes to preschool, so we’ve been spending most days bonding with Logan. We’ve also been a little adventurous and taken Logan and Addie on little trips. For Addie’s birthday – we had breakfast at a Disneyland hotel so she could see all the characters.

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Compared to Addie, Logan’s been a relatively easy baby. All the kid does all day is poop, feed, sleep, repeat. I can’t complain too much – my wife is the one that does the heavy lifting with the breast feeding. I’ve been trying to help out in other ways like cleaning and running random errands. I’m also thankful for my wife’s family as they’re over most days to help out.

Addie has been a great big sister so far. She adores Logan and hasn’t shown too many jealous tendencies. There are times when she’s being difficult in general, but that’s life with a toddler. We’re in the middle of transitioning her away from her crib and into a brand new room with a new big girl bed, but she hasn’t been completely on board with idea just yet.

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For a long time I never wanted kids. I always thought of all the things I’d miss – going out whenever I wanted, sleeping more, and buying all the latest gadgets. After having two kids, I don’t miss that at all. For all the sleepless nights, less time to myself, and arguing with a toddler to eat their breakfast – I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Life with two kids. Bring on the madness.

Welcome to the world Logan.

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