I turn 35 on Christmas Eve.

I’d like to dedicate this post to all the Christmas babies. Only you truly understand hearing the phrase, “this is your birthday AND Christmas gift.” It was always tough having a birthday around this time because a lot of people aren’t available in December. I once had a birthday party when I was around 12 in which ONE person showed up. I was so tramatized from that experience that I didn’t have another party until I was 30.

December Birthdays

As a spoiled kid, I did make up for it growing up by demanding I get a present on my brother’s birthday in January. Thanks mom and dad for that.

A Year in the Life
As a parent, your life revolves around your child’s milestones. Watching Addie slowly grow up has been the most memorable thing that’s happened to me in the past year. From her first steps to her first birthday, I’ve enjoyed every minute of being a parent. This is coming from a guy who never really wanted to be a dad. It’s been both the most difficult and the most rewarding thing I have or ever will do. I now understand those parents on Facebook that have to share EVERYTHING about their kids. Anything Addie does is awesome. 🙂

Dec 2014 / Dec 2015

The unexpected layoff I had a few months ago has given me that extra time to bond with her that I would never have had if I never lost my job. So while I know that eventually I’ll need to start making an income again, I am making the most of this time with my daughter. It just goes to show you, that being a frugal budget nerd has made getting laid off an inconvenience rather than a financial disaster for my family. I want to thank my lovely wife for always being there for me. I am very blessed.

Then. Now. Forever

The Origins of Dad is Cheap
My blog started from my daily back and forth email exchanges with my friend Haydee in which we would wax poetic about any and every subject. As a fellow writer (check out her blog Go Indent here), she would often tell me that I should write a blog about my random experiences being a father who also happens to be a finance nerd. I didn’t think much about it at first, because I thought, “Who the hell would read my blog?”

Photo Apr 21, 3 08 46 AM
Day One.

Turns out there’s more than a few of you out there tuned in to my (sometimes) weekly episodes :). I’ll probably never do Budgets are Sexy numbers, but I’m proud of what has become of my blog since I started this last March. I’d like to thank my wife for constantly pimping out this blog to all her friends and coworkers. Thank you for always being my #1 fan.

Blogging has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done. As a dude who is generally a quiet guy, it’s been nice putting my thoughts down and having people comment and talk to me in person about my posts. Becoming a father has completely changed my mindset on life and finances and I just wanted to share my experience. I want to show people that this finance stuff doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. If I can inspire few people start a college fund because of this blog, that’s something I can be happy about.

One of the great things about starting this blog is connecting with other bloggers. Money is such a taboo topic, so it’s been refreshing connecting with fellow finance geeks. Plus, they’re the only ones that can completely relate to what I go through as a blogger. They understand the struggle that comes with trying to write regularly and all the stuff we go through to try to get our messages across.

The personal finance community is pretty awesome. I can barely talk to most of my friends and family about money related issues, but can go back and forth with other bloggers all day about random money/blogging topics. A special shout out to Kristin from Brokepedia, from who I learned the concept of the “shitty first draft”, which has helped me blog just a little more consistently. She was also kind enough to meet with me to be my Jedi Master on all things writing and personal finance. The Budget is strong with this one.

File Dec 09, 12 02 10 AM
Budget nerds

A few other bloggers who I’ve connected over the past months since I started that I’d like to send a shout out:
Jim at Wallet Hacks
Alyssa at Generation YRA
Sarah at The Yachtless
Alyssa at My Mixed Up Money
Madison at How to Stuff Your Pig

I appreciate the kind words, comments, and responding to my randomness. If you’re not included, please don’t fret. There are definitely a lot more names I could have included! 🙂

And On That Note…
Dad is Cheap will be going on a hiatus until 2016. My family will be spending some time in New Orleans over the holiday. Our goal is to take Addie on as many adventures as we can. Getting a fancy doughnut (or beignets as they call it over there) apparently is a must for my daughter to experience.

Traveling with a kid is no joke. It’s like we have to bring her whole room with us on the flight. We are currently figuring out how we’re going to navigate the airport with our luggages, backpacks, a stroller, and a carseat.

To the lucky traveler that gets seated next to us, I apologize in advance for the 4 hours of my daughter causing a ruckus. May the force be with us all.

-Happy Holidays from Vic



25 thoughts on “35.

    1. Yes – we must meet up again to discuss more nerdy financial topics!

      Thanks for being so supportive and responding to my random questions. YOU are the awesome one. Actually, we’re both awesome.

      My wife actually had a surprise party for me which was pretty nice. And more than one person showed up! She’s the best.


  1. Happy Birthday, Vic!! 🙂 (My mom’s Birthday is also the day after Christmas, our family makes it a point to separate the 2 because she heard that same phrase you heard of ‘Christmas AND your Birthday’ her whole life)! Thank you for the shout out – I’m grateful to have connected with you & I’m so glad to hear that this blog has provided such a positive experience. It’s amazing how much Addie has grown up in ONE year! I hope you & your family have such a fantastic time in NOLA (trying beignets from actual New Orleans – not just Disneyland haha is one of my goals, we actually got a box mix to try and make during the holidays so we will see how they turn out)! Have a fantastic Christmas, Birthday, and here’s to 2016 feeling refreshed and ready to take on more budget force power!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Alyssa!

      My parents and a few close family and friends do their best to separate the two as well, so that’s helped curb some of the bitterness away from my thunder being stolen by Christmas every year 😉

      I’ve been to New Orleans before and the beignets are delightful, I’m just not so sure that they’re THAT great. This trip will settle this internal debate once and for all.

      Hope you have a great Christmas and New Years too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Birthday! December 13th for me. Not as bad but still not a lot of fun. The phrase from my parents was “oh yeah, what do you want for your birthday”. As in “we are focused on Christmas presents right now”. Oh well, I don’t mind sharing my birthday month with baby Jesus :).

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Vic. 🙂 Hope you had a gala time this year with your Addie & your wife. While reading your article I found a similarity between my present & your past, i.e; at some point you did not want to become father & now I am also possessing the same type of mentality(Mom). Don’t know about the future. But, if I will ever be blessed by a true companion in life, then perhaps my thinking will also be changed. I too would like to become a mom & on that day I will revert back to you under this same post. 😀 God bless you both.


  4. It’s been awesome to connect through blogging and being money nerds. I learned some of the same lessons back in 2005 and it’s good to hear the “lifecycle” is still the same. The only difference now is that there are a lot more blogs… and don’t sell yourself short, you could get as big or bigger than J@Budgets. 🙂

    So another similarity is I work from home now and it’s awesome for many reasons, the best of which is how much time we have with the kids. We send them to daycare, we feel the interaction with other kids is very important, but we get to chaperone all the field trips, our days are flipped around (that much… I can reschedule calls) when they get sick, and it’s otherwise a pretty engaged life and it’s awesome.

    Travel gets easier. Much easier. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jim! With my blog, my motto is you never know! I wasn’t sure if I’d have an audience for my thoughts or if I even had enough to write about to keep blogging long term. But I’m still plugging away! I know I have to get better at being more consistent and would probably need to update my site too, but I’ll get there!

      That’s awesome. A work from home gig for me would be the dream!


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