My Father is My Superhero

I’d like to send a special Father’s Day shout out to the dad, who is my real life superhero. There were so many things he’s done over the course of my life in which I am grateful to being his son. This is one such story.

Photo Jun 18, 7 25 11 AM

When I was in high school in the 90’s living in Northern California, my father’s job got transferred to San Luis Obispo. Our family was all set to move – we even visited the area and scouted houses. Being a young, self-obsessed teen, the thought of moving terrified me. I was so worried about leaving everything I knew that I ended up having a bad case of insomnia the summer before we planned to move. My mother even brought me to the doctor for it. As a result, my parents decided our family would not be moving to San Luis Obispo, but only my father would.

i get my silliness from this guy.
i get my silliness from this guy.

For two long years my father worked in San Luis Obispo during the week and drove home on the weekends. Throughout this time, my father always had a positive attitude. He learned to cook, went golfing, and tried to make the most of his time with his family. As a man who can’t fathom the thought of being away from his family for a day, I can not even comprehend how difficult this must have been for my father.


Thankfully, my dad was able to transfer back to Northern California to be back with his family. His sacrifice for those two years shaped the man I ended up becoming. I don’t know what would have happened had we moved to San Luis Obispo as we originally intended. My life most likely would be completely different. Throughout my life, my father put his family’s needs and wants before his every time. I am forever thankful to have such a wonderful dad, and I’m even more thankful that he is still around to see my daughter grow up. I only hope that I’ll be half the father that he is.

Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for everything.


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