Ebates – Getting Cash Back Shopping Online

This might surprise people, but I’m the spender in the family. My wife’s idea of budgeting is not spending any money whenever possible. Works for me 🙂 I do make sure all our spending fits within our budget and I’m pretty good at not spending frivolously. I try to shop online for as many things as possible. I figure that even if something costs more online than in the store that we’d be spending extra money buying something that wasn’t originally on our list. How many times have you made a Costco or Target run for a few things and left spending over $100?

Enter Ebates
Ebates Logo
If you shop online at all, you should have an Ebates account. Ebates in an affiliate link site. Basically, they advertise over 1,800 online stores and receive a commission for every sale that comes through Ebates first. Instead of keeping all of that commission, Ebates in turn give you a small amount back.  You can even combine this with your rewards credit cards for additional points or cash back. Ebates makes this process even easier to do with browser extensions you can download for your browser that glow anytime you’re in a store that is affiliated with Ebates. Once a quarter you’ll receive a receive your “Big Fat Payment” in the form of paypal or check sent to your home. Some of the more popular stores where you could earn cash back are Nordstroms, Lowes, Ebay, and the Apple Store.

some of the stores that I use ebates with

Paying for My Daughter’s Education with Ebates
With our Ebates earnings I’ve made it a point to put every single penny that we make directly into my daughter’s college fund. This is on top of the $200/month that we put into her account already. While it might not be much that we get every quarter from Ebates, it all adds up.

Cash Back
Should be worth $54.59 in 17 years (assuming 7% interest)

Signing Up With Ebates
Click my referral link below to sign up for Ebates. I must admit, if you sign up below, I do get a little referral fee to throw into my daughter’s college fund. But If you sign up soon, you can get $10 in cash back for signing up and making a purchase within a year. It’s a win-win. Who doesn’t like free money?


5 thoughts on “Ebates – Getting Cash Back Shopping Online

  1. it’s great to see someone write about Ebates here, I also use Ebate, and other similar sites such as Topcashback, Befrugal, Mrrebate, They have varies cashback deals and sometimes one is higher than the other. I personally like Topcashback since they payout really quick 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading!

      Out of all of those sites, I’ve only heard of Mr. Rebates which I’ve used on occasion. I’ll have to check out those other sites and sign up! If you have any referral links to any of those I’ll be more than happy to sign up with those! I honestly don’t shop online that much since I try not to shop at all, but sites like these are handy anytime I need something!Thanks for the info!

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  2. sometimes I just use topcashback to buy stuff like paper towel at Walmart (then come to store and pick it up). And I get like 5% out of $15 (only 75c but it counts :)). Here are my referral links: http://www.topcashback.com/ref/anh_vu , I think we both get $10 if you signup and spend a certain amount. Same with befrugal, http://www.befrugal.com/cashback/?ref=FHAQIXE . If you do clip coupon (I’m a moderate clipper). Try Swagbucks, http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/bupbebangbot , each coupon used give you 10swagbucks (=10cent). Happy saving 😀

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    1. Thanks! I just signed up with topcashback – next time I need something from Target I’ll buy it with that! I’ll sign up for the rest later.

      I’ve tried Swagbucks but I didn’t like it. To me it’s too gimmicky. I don’t want to have to play games or sign up to earn more points. I also don’t like how they do giftcards – I’d prefer cash. Ebates is simple in how you get your cash back.


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