For My Wife.

I’ve only been a parent for one year but I know this – raising a child will be the hardest and most rewarding thing I will ever do. I couldn’t have chosen a better partner to share this experience with than my wife. As much as I loved her before we had Addie, I love her even more that she’s now the mother of our child. Time and time again she has amazed me with how she took to becoming a mother.

my two loves
my two loves

So for Mother’s Day, I would like to tell my wife thank you for…

  • not leaving me when I played video games 24/7 in college in front of you.
  • helping shape me into the man I am today.
  • being blunt and honest with me.
  • taking care of the finances before I became #dadischeap.
  • being a strong, independent, and loving women.
  • being the automatic designated driver as soon as you became pregnant.
  • enduring 9 months of pregnancy  and changes to your body.
  • being there for Addie when I couldn’t take time off.
  • taking care of her when I got sick as soon as she got born.
  • caring for her without me when I got the shingles soon after that.
  • being available every three hours to feed our newborn baby.
  • putting our family before anything else.
  • cooking nice home cooked meals so I don’t get fat.
  • listening to my crazy ideas.
  • picking up after me.
  • agreeing to have budget meetings with me.
  • being the Yin to my Yang.
  • for loving me even though I’m a huge pro wrestling fan.
  • always knowing what to do.
  • believing in me when there were times I didn’t believe in myself.
  • being a great mother and role model for our daughter.
  • convincing me to becoming a father.
  • being the mother of our child.

You are appreciated. You are loved. Happy Mother’s Day.

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