Have Budget Will Travel – Part 2

Previously on Dad is Cheap….

We did it. We survived.

We lived to tell the tale of the harrowing journey that is a Road Trip with a BabyIn the span of three days we drove around 800 miles with a child. My poor baby. Can you imagine being strapped into a car seat for six hours? You have to snug them in pretty damn good too. I should know, I watched a lot of YouTube clips of how to use a car seat properly – thank you Car Seat Lady.Last week I wrote about how we would save $400 on the trip by driving. Is it worth it to drive to save a couple hundred dollars? This cheap dad says yes. But it’s not really something I want to do often.

my lovely niece
my lovely niece

The drive up and down wasn’t too bad. It was a great idea to leave during Addie’s normal bedtime. Both times we left around 8 pm and arrived around 2 am. Addie was good for the most part except for the few times she cried for about an hour. Which in real time is awful as everything slows to a crawl when you realize you have another three hours of driving left.

Thanks goodness for my wife. She was able to calm Addie the few times she squirmed. I haven’t mentioned her so much yet in this blog, but my wife is the rock of our family. No matter what, Addie and I can count on her to take care of us. She cooks, cleans, and has the utmost patience when it comes to her family. Well…she has the utmost patience when it comes to our daughter 🙂

Our Growing Family
Our Growing Family

After a few FaceTime chats, our family got to finally meet our new niece in person. My heart melted when I saw and held her for the first time. Things were so hectic for my wife and me that we didn’t really get to sit back and enjoy Addie first few weeks, so it’s great to be there for my brother and sister in law in the early stages of their new child’s life. They celebrated our visit with a little get together at their house to celebrate Easter. My mother even broke her strict “no driving during a workday” ritual she made up for herself to show up. This is what life is really about – family. Glady and I are so grateful to have such a wonderful family. We’re just so sorry that we couldn’t make the trip earlier.


In a surprising twist, the gathering turned out to be a surprise birthday party for Addie! There were presents, food, and cake all in her honor. Too bad I already took all those toys she got and sold them on Craigslist. Kidding! You might think I would do something like that, but I’m not THAT cheap!

And now after a long weekend full of driving and family, I can sleep. Who am I kidding? Sleeping doesn’t really exist when you’re a parent.

what an exhausting weekend
what an exhausting weekend



2 thoughts on “Have Budget Will Travel – Part 2

  1. The cake is awesome! Your love for your family really comes through.
    Kid trips to remember… Once when our daughter was almost 2 we stayed in a hotel. We were so desperate to get the nap deprived kid to sleep that my husband and I ate take out in the bathroom so she could get to sleep. That was a night we almost drove home and blew the trip off altogether!

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    1. Thanks for the comment Jen! That was a cake from my mom.

      Wow – only parents can truly understand the lengths that we go through to make sure our kids get good sleep! I haven’t had an experience like yours yet, mine is usually just sitting in a car for an hour while my kid sleeps when there’s a family party going on inside.

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