My Daughter, My Muse

I am not rich. I’m not broke, either. I’m somewhere comfortably in between. This isn’t a blog about being a millionaire. It’s simply the views about fatherhood, money, and everything in between from the eyes of a new parent.

When people told me that having kids is the greatest thing ever, I’d nod my head and smile, not really believing them. I just assumed all parents were part of some crazy cult just trying to sucker people into becoming members. That was before my daughter Addie was born in April 2014. She changed all my preconceptions about being a parent. Addie made me care about things I’ve never cared about before. As soon as I found out my wife Glady was pregnant I was more focused on the future. Before Addie, the future was just something that you knew was coming up but you never really worried about until it happened. I guess the feeling of being responsible for someone’s well-being changed that thought process for me.

I’ve never been career driven or even that ambitious throughout my life. Sometimes I feel that I’ve stumbled my way through my career. I was simply going through the motions that society expects of you: I worked hard at a decent job to provide for my family. Every few years or so, you’d either work your way up or move on to the next position. Wash, rinse, and repeat. This worked well enough for me so far. In all honesty, Glady was the sole motivation for me in my career, as making sure she was happy and secure was more important to me than any one job or career track. To me, It didn’t matter what I did, as long as I made her proud to be my wife.

Throughout my whole career I’ve been a numbers guy. I worked in real estate, finance, created reports, and am currently a market analyst. You would think that I’d be the one in the relationship handling the finances, right? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Glady grew up in the ghetto, so she was always raised to worry about money. I, on the other hand, was spoiled rotten and didn’t really worry much about money. So naturally, I let Glady handle it since I had no opinion of our money either way.

Addie changed all of that.

I’m now preparing myself and our family so that we can have a bright and secure future. And I’m doing this the only way I know how: by absorbing as much knowledge about fatherhood, money, and everything in between so that I can apply it in my own life. I started listening to podcasts and reading blogs and books about finance, kids, and family. I don’t profess to be an expert at fatherhood or finance, I just wanted to share my experience and what I’ve learned trying to juggle finances as a new parent.

While Glady, Addie, and I currently live a comfortable life, I want more for us. Living from paycheck to paycheck and working for the weekend may be a necessary part of life for many, but it’s a life I don’t want for my family. I don’t think of being rich as having a lot of money, a fancy car, or a having a big house. To me, being rich is doing everything I can to ensure my wife and daughter will always be taken care of.

This is the story of how our family got rich.

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2 thoughts on “My Daughter, My Muse

    1. Thanks! I just want to have enough that my family lives a good life! I don’t need fancy cars or shiny things – just my two girls


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